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In a hail of bullets

welcome to the black parade

your name is bright? that's ironic.
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dawittphyer Pronunciation Key (da ▫ witt ▫ fyur)
n. 1. Dawson ▫ DaWitt Bukater ▫ Phillips ▫ Thayer

crashed into you.

Welcome to the journal of dawittphyer aka Sarah or Rose to some of you. This journal is semi-locked meaning that all my personal entries will be f-locked while my fandom entries will be public. Feel free to friend! ♥

TELEVISION Everwood Charmed. Dead Like Me. Doctor Who. Heroes. House MD. Gilmore Girls. Grey's Anatomy. Lost. The Office. Prison Break. Spongebob Squarepants. Supernatural. That 70's Show.

FILMS Titanic A Beautiful Mind. Fantastic 4. Finding Neverland. Jurassic Park. Lord of the Rings. Mindhunters. Pirates of the Caribbean. Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Somewhere in Time. X-Men. The Matrix. Timeline. War of the Worlds. Underworld. Zoom.

MUSIC Howie Day 30 Seconds To Mars. Blackmore's Night. Coldplay. Howard Shore. James Horner. JamisonParker. Michael Giacchino. My Chemical Romance. Oasis. Panic! At The Disco. Straylight Run. The All-American Rejects. The Killers.

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